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Leadership in Cutting-edge Enterprise Application Technologies

A broad-based portfolio of solutions to maximize options

for enterprise information systems   

  • Corporate enterprise solutions have continuously evolved, taking on new forms and branching out into new technological concepts. To gain a genuine understanding of these constantly evolving information systems for real-world deployment requires an empowering partner capable of internalizing new technological concepts quickly so that they can promptly introduce and pass on new ideas to their clients on a timely basis.

  • As a representative SAP partner, BSG has the fastest access to new technologies or concepts from SAP available, with the capacity to introduce them to our clients first so that they can be the first to test out the latest local solutions rolled out by SAP. BSG's extensive track record and the largest number of PoC references for SAP solutions in Korea is proof underlining BSG's pioneering leadership.

  • BSG is vigilant in monitoring the latest state-of-the-art trends in enterprise information solutions, as it continues to invest in R&D in order to build up stronger management capabilities. Thanks to these efforts, BSG has successfully introduced new IT technologies to many corporate clients in Korea while also assisting them with system implementation and validation, contributing to the overall advancement of local businesses in terms of their information competencies. 

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