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•Sourcing cost Analysis

•Sourcing cost reduction opportunity analysis

•Benchmarking and Marktet info.

•Periodical data integration, cleansing, re-categrization service

•Identifying suppliers

•Sourcing plan


•Bidding/auctions assessment

•Selecting supplier

•Monitoring sourcing & dashboard

•Generating contracts

•Contract negotiations

•Electronic signatures

•Contract repository

•Monitoring of contracts & dashboard  

•Management of contract templates and provisions

•Products Catalog

•Service Catalog

Punch-out Catalog

•Management of contract-linked purchasing rules

•Product (catalog) management

•Request for purchase

•Purchase order

•Purchase of services     

•Confirmation of purchase order  

•Invoice processing

•Monitoring of purchasing & dashboard 

•Management of invoice work flows

•Management of auto dynamic discounting

•3-way invoice validation

•Vendor cash management optimizer

•Management of vendor information

•Management of vendor evaluations

•Offering 360 degree view of vendors 

•Monitoring of vender performance & dashboard

Taking advantage of Ariba, the world’s largest business network comprised of 1.7 million suppliers with more than 20 thousand product categories, a company can automate its purchasing functions including the sourcing of new suppliers. The Ariba Procurement solution is a cloud-based service offering end-to-end purchasing processes - identifying cost saving opportunities, identification and sourcing of suppliers, contracting, purchase orders, cash management, supplier performance management, etc. - on a single seamless platform.  

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