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BSG contemplating the "genuine value" of service

Value, as defined by BSG, is a measure of how deeply you are able to "move" your customers by delivering output that exceeds their expectations. BSG is convinced that this kind of emotion can only be inspired through concrete results that present clients with a real hands-on sense of the achieved outcome.

Driven by a philosophy centered around the practical interests of its clients first, BSG has planned and advanced an evolving lineup of service offerings over many years, achieving the longest-standing track record in Korea in terms of years of service rendered for SAP, PeopleSoft, as well as BI-related services, not to mention a level of quality that goes beyond being the best in Korea as a top global offering servicing the entire enterprise value chain. Additionally BSG’s two main lines of business - operational outsourcing services and consulting - continue to advance forward, reinforced via mutual exchange on both sides. BSG also boasts the widest spectrum of impactful cloud service offerings on the market, thanks to proactive efforts to build out its cloud business, which has become a key trend driving enterprise information systems today.  


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