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A value-creating enterprise, working to strengthen

the competitiveness of businesses and society at large.

Spearheading efforts to strength competitiveness by:

  • Improving the information infrastructure of businesses, which are the cornerstone of national competitiveness;

  • "Partnering" in a company's growth;

  • Developing new services that deliver genuine value to clients;

  • Seeking more than self-serving profits - creating broader social value by spearheading corporate sector growth.


One Growth. One Future.

함께하는 성장. 함께하는 미래.

Over the years, BSG has made a point of sharing its corporate slogan internally and also with the outside world as a way of highlighting its management philosophy as it evolves in response to the changing needs of our times. Rooted in the company's sense of inherent business identity, the earliest version emphasized “Value-centered Business Management,” before transitioning to "Shaping a Successful Future by Achieving Win-Win of Shared Growth with Our Clients" followed by "One Growth, One Future", reflecting the company’s renewed commitment to become an up-standing and trustworthy company that is well grounded between its own interests and the interests of its customers.

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