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The SaaS market already comprises 8% of the total software market, and corporate SaaS budgets are forecast to take up as much as 70% of total IT budget spending.

– Citi Bank


Already offering a cloud service lineup centered around SAP-related solutions, BSG has been accelerating cooperation with AWS (Amazon Web Services), global leader in cloud services, to boost the quality of its service offerings while continuing to expand its lineup.

Enterprise-grade IT technologies have evolved and advanced amid the repeated emergence and obsolescence of countless new concepts and technologies, some of which took the market by storm only to be soon quietly forgotten; with still others going on to reshape market paradigm, helping boost the overall information competency of businesses. Given these market characteristics, new technological terminologies continue to appear and disappear every day. That being said, we believe that some keywords that have emerged most recently may have the potential to truly change market paradigm as we know it today, unlike short-lived fads of the past. Among them, cloud services, which have emerged as the hottest of the hot potatoes across the local and overseas IT market, are increasingly grabbing greater attention from companies due to following strengths.    

  • NO Maintenance

  • NO or LOWER Initial Investment (CapEX v. OpEX)


  • Applying Best Practice & Knowledge

  • Time = Quick realization of ROI

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