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‘Best-of-Breed’ Solutions Only

As a principle - insisting on “Best-of-Breed” solutions and nothing less  

BSG's IT consulting services are mostly focused on a solution-based implementation approach centered on enterprise software package solutions catering specifically to different areas of application. It has become an established practice for companies to adopt enterprise information systems developed by specialized software providers in the form of package solutions, which have long since replaced in-house solutions. With the exception of certain companies adhering to specialized business formats, most companies today consider package solutions first when they are in the market for a good information system, solidifying the market leadership of "Best-of-Breed" solutions with the highest level of functionality and market share within a particular market segment. Based on this "Best-of-Breed" philosophy, BSG has continued to work hard to strengthen its consulting capabilities centered on a select set of key solutions rated as having the highest degree of reliability. As part of these efforts, BSG acquired the number one market share leader in the solutions consulting sector, securing substantial manpower through its newest affiliate. The high-powered consultants can help maximize the performance of any solution to its fullest potential, delivering maximum ROI for customers receiving implementation services. In addition to solution-based consulting, BSG also holds the highest level of knowhow in the industry with regard to informationization strategies, process innovations, as well as newly emergent issues such as corporate data security, etc., a byproduct of years of accumulated experience.

>> New System Implementation
>> System Enhancement
>> SAP Version Upgrade
>> ERP Optimization
>> PoC (Proof of Concept)
>> International Roll-out
>> Localization (Roll-in)
>> Information Security
>> Data Integration
>> Performance Management

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