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 2000:  BSG Established. Provide SAP as 'ASP', first in Korea

We were established under the name “Bridge Solution Group”.

Established as an Application Service Provider under the slogan “Just make IT simple!”, BSG’s business objective was to launch ASP services, which was just about to break through as a hot trend at the time. BSG soon became the first provider in Korea to offer SAP solutions as an ASP service, a critical experience that helped transplant the Cloud into the organization’s DNA, setting up a firm foundation for the development and launch of Cloud services today.

 ~ 2005:  Best SAP Consulting Provider Serving the SME Market

With the launch of SAP All-in-One Solution, BSG was recognized as the best  performing partner in the local industry in terms of its service track record and  level of quality. BSG soon conquered the mid-sized SME market, winning numerous awards from SAP as the best SAP Partner in the Asia Pacific region. 

These credentials later served as the basis for BSG’s market leadership in next-generation SAP platforms such as NetWeaver as well as in post-ERP consulting services. Enjoying a period of significant growth, BSG’s outsourcing(operation services) business began expanding as well following growth in the company's newly-launched consulting service practice, setting the stage for BSG’s transition into a top player in IT outsourcing services.

 ~ 2009:  Biggest SAP Operations Service Provider in Korea

The combined revenue of clients using outsourcing services from BSG grew from seven trillion Won in 2009 to around 37 trillion Won as of 2013, with individual    users using information systems run by BSG numbering in the thousands as of    2014. BSG is a specialized operations service provider, quietly serving out a role usually played by the IT subsidiary within a group for client companies that do not have their own in-house IT function.

Already the best powerhouse in the market in both name and in substance, BSG continues to build up capabilities to go beyond simple operations to become a     partner of choice for strategic information planning and business collaboration.  

 ~ 2014:  Ramping Up Global Services and Sector-Specific Capabilities

With more local businesses increasingly going global, BSG’s line-up of services has also become more globalized. Looking to strengthen services for its overseas clients, BSG has established several overseas subsidiaries and entered business partnerships with robust service providers with global service networks, all the while continuing to build up its own capabilities to maintain and upgrade service quality. Moreover, in line with its Best-of-Breed business strategy, BSG has been acquiring companies with top-notch execution capabilities in respective areas to innovate customer service quality and diversify the range of service options clients can choose from.   

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- BSG Partners Co., Ltd. established

- ASP services defined as core business

- Started EchoLine,  an outsourcing service management system

- Established CCC, a dedicated client care center  


- Implemented ITIL system for management service
   > established total outsourcing service architecture

- Entered service partnership with IBM
- Received 2003 SAP Partner Award


- Introduced DUET channel (improve outsourcing service quality)

- Received 2004 SAP Partner Award/SAP Best Practice Partner Award

- Introduced smartfit , an ERP solution for SMBs 


- Most SAP outsourcing clients served in Korea  

- Developed Korean version of SAP Best Practice for chemical goods and CPG  (food/consumer goods)   
   industries at the request of SAP’s   Asia Pacific Head Office

- Established management systems for respective industries 

- Launched smartfitTM_high-tech, and smartfitTM_mill

- Received 2005 Grand SAP APA Channel Partner Award (2005 Best Partner Award), a recognition awarded   to only one SAP partner within the entire Asia Pacific region including China, Singapore,Taiwan, Japan,  

  Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

- Became the first in Korea to acquire SAP VAR Support Center  Certification  (global certification of after-

  market service system and quality given to only 2% of all SAP partners)

- Received 2005 SAP APA Channel Partner Award 2005: Target Over Achiever Award

- Received 2005 SAP APA Business Partner Award 2005: Midpoint Destination (Best 1H Partner Award)

- Highlighted in SAP INFO International Magazine as successful case study for SAP All-in-One solutions


- Received 2006 SAP Pinnacle Award from SAP Head Office
- Certified as SAP Gold Partner (first in Korea)
- Received 2006 Best APA SAP Channel Partner Award/North Asia Hub Best Partner Award
- Received 2006 Best APA SAP Channel Partner 2006/Highest Customer References Partner Award

- Introduced smartfit services (certified by SAP)


- Implemented SBU-centered business management architecture
- Launched overseas business (Indonesia, China, etc.)
- Overhauled management planning/administration system. Strengthened business controls
- Passed SAP’s CCC recertification exam
- Most SAP system outsourcing clients served in Korea


- Started VlueGENE, an internal business management portal

- Established E-SOA Leadership Center (first within SAP APA region)


- Received 2009 SAP Pinnacle Award
- Combined revenue of outsourcing client users recorded 7 trillion Won
- Combined number of employees at client sites recorded approximately 20,000
- Launched security solution consulting business
- Established Indonesian subsidiary (iBSG)


- Acquired post-ERP/LoB solutions and NetWeaver platform leadership


- Launched SAP B1 Cloud services (with SK Telecom)


- Launched BSG internal SNS service: Harmonia
- Hosted 1st BSG Executive Summit
- Acquired SAP RDS solution certification (5 solutions, the most in Korea)


- Started EchoLineTM 2.0  

- Established Chinese Subsidiary: BSG China / 博仕杰软件科技 (西安) 有限公司


- Launched SaaS Cloud services C4 Cloud Mix
- Acquired BPNR, P&T, PeopleWide
- Full-fledged activation of business i.e. Ariba, hybris, SuccessFactors, PeopleSoft, SAP UI5, etc.


- Signed Consulting Partnership with Amazon Web Services
- Won government-commissioned GCS project
- Strengthened SuccessFactors function (acquired business division from
third party)
- Established BSG Futures (subsidiary)

- Became official partner of AWS (Amazon Web Services)


- Received 'SAP Competency Partner' certificate by AWS (1st in Korea, 19th in worldwide)

- Have the largest number of 'SAP on AWS' project cases in Korea

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