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Cheolwook Park

MESSAGE for 2020

Let’s suppose company “A” fell into a deep dilemma as it came face to face with the theme of "informationization".

How should “A” go about dealing with this topic so that it contributes to its future strategic position and earnings. There are as many different answers to this question as there are consulting companies in our world today. Simply put, there is no way of concluding that a single deliverable is the "right" answer, because there are just too many variables impacting enterprise information systems.



That being said, how should one go about seeking an alternative that comes closest to the “right” answer? Actually, BSG's growth to date has all been about seeking the answer to this very question.


In the constant pursuit of an alternative option closest to the so-called “right” answer, we again reaffirmed the value of accumulated insight and knowhow. "Experience" was without question, something we had to accumulate in order to prevent passing on failure to our customers. Additionally, translating this experience into higher-level knowhow required a constant effort to examine every intersection and union of the different experience sets we had available, in order to internalize the findings into intellectual assets for the company. By aggregating our accumulated experience into one focal point, we were able to refine our experiences into higher-level knowledge, offering ever most proximate solutions to our corporate clients, which is in line with the most important value proposition underlying our corporate mission and objective – i.e. to become a partner of choice in helping shape a successful future for our clients.


When it comes to consulting services, “human resources” represent the core-most assets, with their level of “knowledge” serving as a measure of just how much “experience” an organization has accumulated. The more experiences our human resources own, the closer it brings us to achieving a perfect blueprint that incorporates all available input. By aggregating an extensive and in-depth pool of experiences together, BSG hopes to deliver a level of service quality ever closer to perfection. Hopefully, these efforts by BSG will help encourage an atmosphere within the industry of placing customer value first, while motivating other competitors to follow through with service improvements of their own, laying a stepping stone for the IT consulting sector to upgrade itself to a higher level. It is this sense of greater mission and cause that has driven BSG to where it finds itself today.


Shaping Korea into a next generation economic leader driven by IT innovation will be impossible without a proactive response from local businesses toward change. Committed to spearheading change in a positive direction so that genuine value as demanded by customers and our current times can be delivered, BSG continues to work tirelessly carrying out research and translating research findings into higher-level knowledge.


At BSG, we will do our best to anchor ourselves as a model case study in the industry, while constantly exploring and reminding ourselves of the role companies today must play within broader society, as we renew our commitment to achieve shared growth, create a joint future together with society at large, and above all, always serve the interests of our customers first.


We look forward to your continue interest and encouragement.

Thank you.

CEO Message
Vision 2020


For those of us living out the year 2015, we face a new wave threatening to crash down upon us at any time. Actually, it might already be upon us. The evolving trends underlying today’s IT industry such as big data or the Cloud, “social”, platforms, mobile, etc., are calling for a change in paradigm that is on a completely different level compared to past paradigm shifts that were triggered by mere passing fads.

Confronted by this tide of fundamental change, we at BSG have been reflecting upon our services to date, thinking hard about how best to adapt to these new big waves while innovating ourselves into the future. At the heart of this intense self-reflection will always lie our customers. At BSG, we are all committed to doing our very best so that not only can we ride out the new waves together with our clients, but conquer them together as well.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.

It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

/ Charles Robert Darwin /

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