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Enterprise information systems as an engine for corporate value-add creation

The answer lies in enhancing systems “utilization” and “quick responsiveness to change.”

  • BSG offers operational outsourcing services for an information system, once its implementation is complete.

  • BSG’s outsourcing services cover not only software applications, but also the entire spectrum of a company’s core IT system centered around ERP, while also including the server, hardware, and network infrastructure that enables the software to run.

  • For most mid-tier businesses or SME’s that do not have an in-house IT subsidiary, their IT system requirements are likely to increase in tandem with the growth of their business, prompting them to examine possible adoption of a high performance enterprise IT solution one day. As these solutions tend to be highly technical in and of themselves, most will require experts with specialized knowledge and experience to ensure stability of operations. Hiring and retaining this type of personnel may weigh significantly on a mid-sized company constrained by limited resources. However, BSG’s high quality outsourcing services eliminate this impediment for mid-market businesses, driving an overall upgrade in the “informationization” of these smaller players.

  • Moreover, BSG also offers outsourcing services to larger corporate clients as well, either independently or jointly with other service providers, based on the technological leadership it has established for itself within the solutions field. BSG’s outsourcing business continues to record steady growth, achieving consistent service quality level results throughout repeated validation processes.

Collectively called OASIS, BSG’s operational outsourcing offerings comprise of three components – AMS (Application Management Service), IMS (Infrastructure Management Service), and Training, representing a full lineup of capabilities required to operate an enterprise information system ranging from application software to hardware, server, and network infrastructure, designed to enable client users in safely achieving their information roadmaps.

AMS | Application Management Service

Application Management Services, or AMS, runs software operations for a user’s enterprise business management system. Unlike hardware or networks, software runs at the user interface level, generating frequent requests for modifications or revisions throughout the course of a company’s day-to-day business activities. Although the capacity to reflect modification requirements quickly and on a timely basis, ensuring the overall system’s responsiveness to change is most definitely required to maintain consistently high levels of work productivity, it is always associated with high implementation and maintenance costs when carried out by a user on its own, especially for highly technical applications. BSG’s OASIS_AMS service helps lessen the operational burden of running an information system that is based on high-end applications, as it offers years of operational experience and knowhow acquired by BSG in the course of operating countless applications across multiple industries.

IMS | Infrastructure Management Service

In ensuring the stable and timely supply of application services, the sound maintenance and optimization of hardware such as servers or network equipment embedded with enterprise application software such as ERP, are a critical must-have. BSG’s OASIS_IMS is a total end-to-end solution providing broad coverage that includes not only the software component of a company’s IT infrastructure but also all enabling hardware required to run software operations.


BSG makes regular training available for the executive officers or employees of client companies as part of its FEP (Familiarity Enhancement) program under its CSIP (Customer Service Innovation Process) umbrella, which is the name of BSG’s operational service innovation framework. The programs are intended to help front-line employees at client sites better utilize their existing systems, while also serving as a platform for sharing knowledge, both in theory and in practice, so that in the longer term, users can ultimately take care of simple trouble shooting on their own.





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