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Offering a one-stop solution for all “informationization” needs of businesses.

Based on its full range of service capabilities, BSG offers one-stop solutions for all information-related business requirements, ranging from information strategy planning, work process diagnosis and design, implementation of information systems, system operations, etc.

In system implementations, not only does BSG provide on-premise solutions, but also Cloud-based SaaS services as well, ensuring that the different needs of diverse corporate clients are met and satisfied. The scope of operation services provided by BSG ranges from mainstay enterprise-type S/W applications like SAP as well as enabling H/W infrastructure.

BSG has signed partnerships with SAP, HTC Global Service, Amazon Web Services, etc. to better deliver these key services to its clients, while making an all-out effort together with all partners to achieve greater customer satisfaction.


Scale of Business

BSG provides IT outsourcing services to more clients in the local and overseas mid-market for mid-tier businesses or SME’s than any of its peers, with the exception of large conglomerates with their own captive IT subsidiaries. As of the end of 2013, the top-line revenue of all BSG IT outsourcing clients combined amounted to roughly 37 trillion won, with the number of executives and employees under client payroll expected to have grown significantly from the 20,000 or so recorded in 2008. 



Continuing to solidify its market position and brand value as a best-in-class partner for SAP not just in the Asia Pacific region but beyond, BSG was highlighted in the SAP INFO International magazine and official SAP News Center, with its solid performance cited as a successful case study exemplifying SAP’s All-in-One business implementation concept, helping boost BSG’s corporate profile on the global markets.


A two-time recipient of the Pinnacle Award, a prestigious honor reserved for SAP’s most trusted of business partners, BSG was and still remains to date, the only SAP partner in Korea to receive this notable recognition. BSG also received the Best Partner Award in the Asia-Pacific & Japan region in 2015.

SAP Leaderships

Certified as an official SAP Gold-level partner, BSG has been working along side SAP, growing the local market together ever since SAP launched its first solution on the local SME market. Boasting the longest-standing partnership with SAP among all local channel partners, BSG is well positioned to gain priority access not only to SAP’s overall solution roadmap, but all of the latest and even future technologies in the pipeline. Based on this favorable advantage, which no doubt puts BSG on a whole different level above its peers, BSG has the capacity to introduce and spread SAP’s suite of innovative technologies to its clients first, ahead of any of its competition.


Project Quality

SAP offers a Partner Quality Program that accredits SAP projects by global partners for quality and methodology used when providing SAP-based consultancy services, offering Product Quality Partner accreditation to its compliant partners. In 2015, BSG became the first and only company in Korea to receive PQP accreditation for project methodology from SAP.


Outsourcing Quality

SAP also provides PCoE (Partner Center of Expertise) accreditation to SAP-related outsourcing service providers, to verify whether all partners and their operational systems are in compliance with SAP’s standard guidelines, which aim to maintain high levels of service and quality; and whether all service quality management requirements are satisfied. Continuously certified by SAP as a PCoE, BSG continues to deploy a level of outsourcing services that exceeds the rigorous requirements set in the certification guidelines.

Global Service

BSG offers global outsourcing services that truly transcend national borders, servicing information systems operations for the Asian hub branches of global businesses in Japan and Korea as well as the overseas subsidiaries of local companies moving into the global markets. BSG's global operations division provides outsourcing services not only within the Asian region but also across the wider US and European markets as well. With an independent offshore subsidiary established and in place, BSG is committed to delivering top-notch services to all overseas clients.

Business Stability

Apart from systems outsourcing, BSG also offers a separate line of implementation consultancy services, which helps reinforce the stability of its business operations, in turn helping ensure the long-term stability of client systems. Boasting the largest outsourcing customer base in Korea, BSG is in the comfortable position of being able to concentrate solely on its main business priorities - enhancing the quality of service offerings and contributing to client success – thanks to its stable earnings structure and solid financial position, which continues to serve as a foundation for cementing client confidence.   

Customer Focus

Through DUET, a dedicated customer support function, BSG is always attentive to the voice of its customers, reflecting its customer engagement findings into service improvements, while also carrying out regular satisfaction surveys of existing clients to assess where the new “center of gravity” lies in service innovation and what strategies must be applied to make its services even better. Additionally, BSG provides various client programs intended to raise the value-add of its service offerings, including free-of-charge client training to help enhance client-side capabilities for better utilization and operations of existing systems; a dedicated account manager system; dedicated client conferences, etc.

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