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Originally, BSG started out as a small venture company with just ten employees.

Even now, after having achieved considerable growth, the underlying venture spirit and philosophy that BSG started off with still remains, in its current evolved form, an integral part of the company's everyday operations. Not even a small idea is taken for granted, becoming the focus for genuine discussions, while encouraging a horizontal culture in place of a vertical hierarchy, a culture that is not afraid of challenges or failure. This culture is the basis for where BSG stands today as a company. At BSG, much more valuable than developing any single technology or knowledge, we believe taking good care of our culture is the driving force that makes BSG stronger than before.        


In-house community for voluntary employee engagement and networking  

At BSG, there is a voluntary employee community called FORUS – short for “for us”. Similar to informal employee associations found in other companies, FORUS is run by executives of employees who are nominated to serve as the community’s “Chief Energizer” and “Energizer”, respectively. FORUS plays an important role as a key platform for deliberation among employees dealing with issues outside of work, where they can discuss and collect views on various company events or programs, or plan and run programs designed to promote communication and exchange among employees. The “comma” marked on the FORUS logo best represents the objectives of the community.  

Company SNS channel for quick and accurate information sharing and communication among different job grades and organizations inside the company.

Given the nature of its business, many BSG executives and employees often work outside of the office. This type of working environment can hurt smooth communication between employees, often limiting their access to company news. Seeking to minimize this break in communication, which can escalate into a serious internal issue, while facilitating greater circulation of info within the organization, BSG uses an internal SNS channel as a tool to promote closer communication between different job grades and organizations inside the company. As suggested by its logo, where different-sized alphabets are combined to form the meaningful word "Harmonia," the concept is all about bringing the voices of executives and employees from different positions within the company together into one harmonious tone, helping set the company toward the right direction. Harmonia is serviced via an online website and mobile app.     

For a better BSG

Whereas Harmonia represents an online tool designed to aid internal communications within the company, SoriMoa is a communication channel designed specifically to encourage employees to share recommendations or suggestions, with the larger goal of creating a better working environment. Placed inside the 1st floor lobby of the BSG Head office building, the SoriMoa post box is accessible to any one wishing to write in an anonymous suggestion. All suggestions are disclosed via Harmonia, the company's SNS channel, with open online feedback from persons in charge of relevant affairs. The SoriMoa post box initiative is another reflection of BSG's commitment to entertain ideas from within its organization on improving and innovating its business and working environment.

Sharing good thoughts and good feelings

BSG runs an on/offline bulletin board called into:, which serves as a venue for sharing great content with colleagues including good stories, proverbs, photos, thoughts, etc. Constantly updated with new content listings, into: helps people share news or personal thoughts with other colleagues, serving as the basis for broader mutual understanding.

New work processes, new ways of thinking

BSG has been innovating its overall work processes, moving toward cloud-based collaboration and sharing and away from traditional work processes such as MS Office, Outlook, Exchange, internal bulletin boards, or proprietary file servers, etc., adopting cloud-based Google Apps infrastructure as well as communication infra enabled by Google Apps to revamp internal communication platforms to be more efficient and accessible. These efforts by BSG aren't simply about revising existing work systems, as they seek broader transition toward a more innovative structure better aligned to our current times in order to enhance the organization's receptiveness toward innovation while spearheading an organizational culture that does not stand passive or stagnant.   

BSG's infrastructure for creating value

BSG's underlying infrastructure supporting business management is called VlueGENE, an acronym that combines Value, which stands for customer and corporate value; Blue, BSG's official corporate color; and Gene, for genetics. VlueGENE continues to be supplemented and expanded upon, while being utilized as a major infrastructure for reinforcing the work competencies of executives and staff and boosting work efficiency.    

The power that sustains us – the BSG family

The "BSG family" does not refer just to executives or employees belonging to the organization. The family members of each individual employee are also considered family, since they are the ones genuinely supporting and empowering our people every day so that they can work hard. BSG holds regular family day outings, inviting executives, employees, and their entire families to take part in activities to strengthen ties as part of the big "BSG family".


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