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Mid-tier businesses and SME's undergoing continued growth - challenges and dilemma

  • The more a company grows, the harder it becomes to maintain characteristics unique to SME’s such as speed, flexibility, customer affinity management, etc., which are often the very strengths that helped it achieve success in the first place.  

  • A company whose management system is unable to catch up with its own pace of growth, or an information system that is unintegrated and unable to support day-to-day operations effectively, etc. not only leads to diminished work productivity but also a continued rise in system maintenance costs.      

  • A company lacking the capacity to process vast amounts of transactional data generated from a growing number of customers, will see its system’s performance decline, while adding greater complexity to communications between suppliers and business partners who are dispersed across different geographies.   

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(Executive Information System) smartfit_EIS 

(Master Data Governance) smartfit_MDG 

(Project Management System) smartfit_PMS

(Sales & Operation Planning) smartfit_S&OP


smartfit_SAM (Service Asset Mgmt.)

smartfit_PRM (Partner Relationship Mgmt.)

smartfit_EPP (Enterprise Procurement Portal)   

smartfit_HR (Human Resources)

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  • An information solution addressing issues and challenges faced by SME's must be approached based on a different perspective from large corporations.

  • Often, because an SME will have limited resources compared to a large conglomerate in terms of time, manpower, and budget, it has to minimize implementation time on an information system to cut down on input costs, while also having to study best practices by advanced companies in order to reflect into its own work processes and upgrade its level of business practice.

  • Reaching the conclusion after years of consulting, that IT solutions and methodologies previously applied by large companies were not appropriate for achieving these two parallel goals, BSG has set out to offer a different set of IT solutions and implementation methodologies developed specifically to cater to the needs of SME's.

  • BSG's self-developed smartfit solution is designed to help minimize the burden of information system adoption by mid-tier businesses and SME's while offering the complete SAP package of full-blown functionality and reliability.

  • The smartfit solution carries on the functionality of existing SAP solutions offered at a reasonable price to target mid-tier business and SME companies. 

smartfit - an SAP solution developed to address real-world requirements from mid-tier businesses and SME's 

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