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SAP ERP Applications

  • As ERP software packages are increasingly relied upon for enhanced solutions integrity, it has become common practice among many businesses to adopt ERP systems as a packaged solution, making it a growing general practice to outsource operations to outside providers.

  • BSG started partnering with SAP early on when the flagship ERP solution provider was just setting out to make inroads into the local mid-tier/SME market, offering consulting and outsourcing services to mid-tier and SME companies and promoting wide-spread adoption of SAP's family of products, consequently helping pioneer SAP's growth into the number one market share leader it is today. Thanks to these efforts, BSG was officially recognized for outstanding services, winning the esteemed Pinnacle Award, a distinction given to best performing partners chosen by SAP Headquarters. Additionally, BSG was the first in Korea to acquire SAP accreditation for its operational outsourcing services, reinforcing the credibility of its offerings and anchoring BSG’s position as a leading service provider that now provides more SAP-related systems operations services to more clients in Korea than any other competitor.          

SAP Non-ERP Applications

In-house Developed Applications

In addition to ERP, which represents the core backbone of any enterprise system, BSG also provides outsourcing services for other enterprise applications that link up with the ERP. The deep-seated ERP knowledge of BSG's operational team ensures clients receive not only micro-scaled operations of the extended system itself, but a broader macro-range of services encompassing not only the core backbone of the system but its overall IT infrastructure.   

Already, many companies have or are in the process of adopting a package-based ERP system, which has become quite a trend. Still, many companies continue to use their own in-house information systems for various reasons. BSG services these in-house developments as well, not only handling day-to-day operations but also providing advice on how to improve existing solutions, tapping BSG’s knowledge into best practices acquired over years of working ERP package solutions.    

e-Infrastructure Mgmt.

The impact of Internet or web-based e-channels on business activities of a business has been rising consistently, although to a different degree varying by type of industry. Reflecting this growing need by clients, BSG offers a lineup of operational services that supports not only basic website applications simply providing corporate information, but a wide array of e-infrastructure such as CRM or SRM, which are highly technical web applications that are linked to the core enterprise system. 





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