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Total management services

BSG’s range of operational services covers all client-side software applications and may be a good option for companies lacking operational personnel for software; or companies where personnel are available but lack the capacity to run applications; or are capable of running hardware infrastructure only.

Partial management services

BSG also offers partial outsourcing services for select processes within an application. This may be a viable option for companies with in-house personnel available to run operations but are constrained by limited capacity in terms of coverage provided, in which case BSG can provide partial coverage for any underserved work processes.

2nd level support services

In cases where deep-rooted operational issues remain unresolved due to a lack of internal competency on the part of personnel in charge of applications, BSG can provide operational support through its “senior” operations service group. In other words, the client’s operational function would have the first line of responsibility in responding to highlighted user requirements; with any unresolved issues passed on to the BSG senior expert group, as a second line of defense. 





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