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Our Mission & Goal

The IT outsourcing market (IT infrastructure operations) served by BSG may be divided into two parts – a market for “subsidiaries of large companies” vs. “non-subsidiary clients”. Due to limitations underpinning the IT service market, which was primarily focused on subsidiaries of large corporate groups, the “non-subsidiaries” market remained largely underserved, failing to achieve large-scale growth despite having significant growth potential. As an independent outsourcing service provider not affiliated with any group, BSG made pioneering advances into the “non-subsidiaries” market, which other service providers had been hesitant to tap, successfully carving out a solid market leadership position for itself to date. By scaling up its scope of service offerings, BSG is doing its best to secure a diverse customer base, to further cement its leadership position on the local and global markets. To this end, the direction for BSG’s IT consulting and systems outsourcing services may be defined as follows.      

  • To serve as an IT advisor to client users and perfect a corporate business model centered on win-win partnership.

  • Secure firm status as a partner of choice for mid-tier businesses and SME’s that do not have their own IT subsidiaries, in delivering advanced IT systems and greater efficiency.

  • Build a stable partnership based on long-term outsourcing contracts.





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