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An equation powered by the “organization” and its underlying “system”. Equating SAP with BSG.

BSG’s history tracks the history of SAP in Korea. Likewise, the history of the local SAP channel business also started off together with BSG’s.

As the first channel partner recognized by SAP Korea and the first local provider to earn SAP Gold-level partner status, BSG has always been fiercely intent on finding a SAP consulting model that would best fit local businesses even while navigating past all the twists and turns of its journey together with SAP. Thanks to this intense effort, BSG has now achieved a certain position within the market where it is increasingly viewed as being synonymous with SAP. Long suspecting that traditional SAP solutions would become commodities upon the emergence of new prevailing technologies of our times such as Cloud or In-Memory computing, BSG has been making a great deal of effort over the years to develop an original and innovative value proposition for its own SAP application consulting services, with the goal of maintaining the high value-add level of its services.   


Focused on building up the competence of the “organization” and its underlying “system” rather than relying on the competence of its “people”, these efforts by BSG have actually been the secret to its success in providing differentiated offerings to clients even as the market itself was quickly becoming commoditized. The fact that so many IT companies are rushing to promote themselves as “SAP consulting service providers” too; with “SAP implementation” now being thrown around more frequently than the term “SAP consulting”; not to mention the false impression that price competitiveness is the key source of competitiveness, all arise from a misguided market perception that “the results will pretty much be the same anyhow” no matter who is involved. This is also linked to the deep-seated belief that SAP consulting is ultimately dependent on the individual competency of the advising consultant.     


BSG dares to object strongly to these market misconceptions. In other words, at BSG, we believe that the value of SAP consulting comes not from “people” but from the “experience and underlying system” of the organization as a whole.   


Our work should be about more than just the “implementation” of an SAP solution. Delivering our accumulated body of experience and knowledge, while constantly refining our solutions and underlying systems to ensure that they are most effectively shared; and training and fostering capable consultants so that these valuable assets can be best passed on to our clients - this is where BSG’s core source of competitiveness lies, which also explains why BSG is able to earn preferential treatment in today’s SAP application consulting market.

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