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Specialized outsourcing service organization: VOICE

The availability of a full-time service team capable of servicing a client’s IT infrastructure is a critical factor that determines the quality of services rendered as well as the professionalism of outsourcing operations. Where services are provided without the benefit of a dedicated team, one often observes frequent problems arising from delayed deployment of services, a shortfall in service quality management, and general lack of ownership among the service personnel. Not affiliated with any conglomerate group, BSG is the only independent IT outsourcing provider with its own dedicated team specifically tasked with systems operations – the BSG Value Outsourcing Center, or VOICE. Already boasting a critical mass of outsourcing clients sufficient to offset costs associated with VOICE operations, the dedicated team represents a key part of BSG’s competiveness that other operation service providers find extremely difficult to match. Senior-level employees with outstanding working-level capabilities in either systems operations or consulting are placed within the VOICE team as consultants, ensuring the delivery of fast and stable services to respond to any requirements from client users. 

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