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Best SAP Partner

in Asia Pacific & Japan

BSG was chosen “Best SAP Partner in 2015” from among all SAP Partners within the Asia Pacific & Japan region.

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"Top 5" in Asia Pacific & Japan

BSG is a “Top 5 SAP Partner” based on revenue within the entire Asia Pacific & Japan region.

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Global Awards

BSG is the only local SAP Partner to receive the SAP Global Pinnacle Award twice, a recognition for excellence among all global SAP Partners worldwide.

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Number of Outsourcing Customers

BSG provides system operation services to over 100 diverse corporate clients, ranging from SMEs to affiliates of large corporate conglomerates (as of 2015-end).

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System Users

The number of BSG-run information system users is 8,000 and rising. This suggests that the scale of outsourcing services rendered by BSG exceeds services provided by IT subsidiaries within large corporate groups.  

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First & Only in Korea

SAP's Partner Quality Program accredits SAP projects by global partners for quality and methodology used when providing SAP-based consultancy services to client users, offering Product Quality Partner accreditation to its compliant partners. In 2015, BSG became the first company in Korea to receive PQP accreditation for project methodology from SAP. To date, BSG remains the only local business with PQP accreditation.

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Global Service

BSG has a presence in all continents across the globe, with the exception of Africa. BSG’s operation services are available non-stop 24/7 along-side quality management services, helping global customers like you, run your global businesses in an uninterrupted and stable manner.

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